ROM Spin is a great low impact class set to the rhythm of motivating music. You will burn calories and get fit.

Our bikes have monitors which display distance/rpm and wattage. Also there is heart rate monitor integration, so if you have your own heart rate strap it can link up to the bike.

Bums & Tums

Bums and Tums is an energetic and challenging class. With the focus entirely on the lower body and core you are sure to feel the training effect ! This class has a combination of load and explode exercises to work your muscles to fatigue and help you reach your fitness goal. You will see a variety of squat and lunge exercises in this class. If you are new to bums and tums, make sure you have completed multiple group fitness classes and have built up some endurance and fitness.

Les Mills BodyPump

BODYPUMP is the original barbell class. This workout is scientifically tested and based on the REP EFFECT. This is the use of light to moderate weights for high reps. This is one of the fastest ways to build lean muscle and get strong. BODYPUMP offers ‘Smart Start’ for beginners. On your first class, complete 4 tracks and then leave. Add a track to your workout each week as your fitness improves

Les Mills Grit

Les Mills GRIT is true High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). GRIT is scientifically tested to make sure it takes each participant into the HIIT zone. HIIT training is made up of short to moderate bouts of high intensity training followed by recovery periods. HIIT training offers multiple health benefits: - increased calorie burn AFTER your session - increase strength - increase cardiovascular fitness - hormonal responses that will build lean muscle and decrease body fat. If you want to challenge your fitness, this is the class for you. Not suitable for beginners.

Arms & Abs

Arms and abs is designed to give you the ultimate upper body workout. The focus is on a balanced training using a variety of weighted and bodyweight exercises for an amazing workout. If you’re new to arms and abs, start very light, get confident with the moves and build from there.

Blast Class

Blast class is a mix of resistance, bodyweight, conditioning and core training for an amazing full body workout. This class includes a variety of exercises for strength training, combined with short bouts of high intensity training to improve aerobic fitness. The fun atmosphere and motivational music will enhance your workout experience.